T.George Realty was started in 1996 by Pekoe Teves and has built a reputation for being consistent, intelligent, and detail-oriented in every aspect of management services. We specialize in smaller condominiums, co-ops and rental buildings and provide the kind of specialized service that smaller buildings need. Problems and tasks are always handled with thoroughness and expediency. We are, truly, a big service solution to small building management.

99 Madison Ave, 5th Fl
New York, NY 10016
tel 212.254.3521 cell 917.882.1541

Building Management

We are a full-service residential management firm and handle every aspect of property supervision, from personnel to community issues. Our attention to detail and quick turnaround assures that solutions will be fast and comprehensive. We have over 20 years of experience with property management and offer a comprehensive range of professional services.


We manage all accounting tasks, and pride ourselves on maintaining clear, easy to use, and complete records. We work with accountants to provide all records for accurate and timely filing of taxes and annual audits. We monitor payments to vendors, staff, and contractors for accuracy and detail. We bill residents, owners, and renters for charges and fees. We monitor compliance and ensure all accounts are up to date. We increase cash flow by monitoring expenses with meticulous attention.


We provide owners with up to date status reports about finances, maintenance, vacancies and any other significant issues. We arrange for superintendent services, cleaning & trash management and everything for common area maintenance. We coordinate with the professional services of architects, engineers, and attorneys if required. We handle all vendors including fuel and security. And we organize meetings with board members and tenants as needed.